Yevgeny Kazachkov


POP UP Theatre, St. Petersburg
Presented in the frame of Russian Case
Участник программ «Маска Плюс» и «Russian Case» Фестиваля 2016 года

Director: Semion Aleksandrovskiy

The production of FUEL by the Pop-Up Theatre from St. Petersburg is based on an in-depth interview with the famous IT businessman David Yan, one of the founders of ABBYY, a developer of the electronic dictionaries Lingvo and FineReader. He introduced Russia to the flashmob concept and is generally an extraordinary personality.

FUEL is a rare example of a show intended for everyone: it can be appreciated equally by the public at large and by experts in contemporary directing. It talks about trying to find one’s own way, about standing against the authority of parents and mentors, about non-conformism and self-development, about a desire to do good. And this is an agenda relevant not only for theatre lovers.

Pavel Rudnev

The production is based on interviews with a famous IT businessman David Yan, founder of ABBYY, developer of electronic dictionaries Lingvo and FineReader programme, one of the founders of flashmob in Russia. His stories – entering the Physics and Technology Institute, first disappointment, student crazy attempt to make his first electronic dictionary - add up to a clear picture of the world where a real motivation is a vast, “mad” idea.


A game with viewer perception and a search of new means to get out text is an area of Aleksandrovskiy`s interest. The plot of the performance slides into its form and vice verse – FUEL turns into the Mobius band. However, you may not pay attention to the way how it was done. Just enjoy the clever actor and his smart, crackling monologue.