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6 апреля 2020

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The Golden Mask Festival has been conducting international programmes for over 15 years. Theatre is a living and evolving art that recognizes no borders. Theatre is impossible without constant dialogue with the audience, regardless which language the audience speaks.  Golden Mask international projects not only introduce Russian theatre to audiences around the world, but also create a common space for people of culture. Every year we receive new evidence of the importance of our activity that comes from the audience in the theatres of Tallinn, Riga, Liepaja, Narva, Ventspils, Tel Aviv, Istanbul and other cities, anywhere where people know contemporary Russian theatre and follow its developments. We have become true friends and partners with our colleagues in Estonia, Latvia, Israel and Turkey. But the situation caused by the spread of Covid-19 made it impossible to realize international projects this year. We had extensive plans, huge preparatory work was done, programmes and road maps were drawn up, but most importantly, audiences were waiting for the Golden Mask performances. These performances will definitely be seen, but not until next Autumn. We do believe we shall meet again and it will be a joyful occasion for all.

Dear Friends,

It is clear, given the unfortunate situation across the world due to coronavirus and the measures undertaken to combat it, that to our great regret we cannot resume the programme of the XXVI Golden Mask Festival in April 2020.

Nevertheless, the amount of work that has already been completed by the Board of Experts in selecting the list of Golden Mask nominees, by the Jury who have already seen more than a third of all scheduled performances and by The Golden Mask Festival team, makes us believe that the Festival shall be continued. When the situation permits Russian theatres to resume performances, the nominated production will be either brought to Moscow or the Festival Jury may go out to other cities. There will definitely be The Award Ceremony on a date to be decided. We will keep you informed.

In these hard times we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all those who love and support our Festival – performers and participants, our audience, the press, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Department of Culture of the Moscow Government and our patrons.

Our message to everyone who loves theatre is: we will meet again!

20 March 2020
Dear friends! Dear theatre lovers, theatre professionals, our audiences, and the partners of the Golden Mask Festival!

Given the situation and recent events across the world and in our country, we have taken a very difficult but the only viable decision, to suspend the Golden Mask Festival, to reschedule performances and to postpone the Award Ceremony.

We understand the importance of the Festival and its Awards for the theatre world. Our task is to safeguard the main principles of the Golden Mask Festival: the unity and solidarity of the Russian and international theatre community.

The importance of openness and collaboration in the field of culture was always our priority. Moreover, now is the time to demonstrate this unity by taking the necessary measures of protecting our audience, theatre workers and everyone else. We should responsibly follow government advice concerning self protection and this will create a very important affinity and alliance of all people who love and care for the art of theatre.

We are very grateful to all participants in the Festival who managed to arrive in Moscow and to those looking forward to performing for our devoted theatre goers. Great thanks to the Jury, to all our colleagues and friends. And a special thank you to the partners of the Golden Mask Festival who supported it during its preparation and realisation, and who continue to provide ongoing assistance. And finally sincere gratitude to our wonderful audiences!

We will do everything in our power to preserve the Golden Mask Festival as it is both loved by and very important to many. We will keep you informed and updated.

Take care of yourselves and look after your nearest and dearest. Best wishes and try to keep healthy!

Alexander Kalyagin, Chairman of the Theatre Union of the Russian Federation,

Igor Kostolevsky, President of the Golden Mask Festival,

Golden Mask Festival team

17 March 2020
Dear friends of the Golden Mask Festival,

Given the risks related to the coronavirus pandemic and the need to take every possible effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19, and in view of the measures imposed by the Mayor of Moscow on March 16, we had to take a hard decision to cancel the Golden Mask Festival performances from March 17 till April 10, 2020.

Meanwhile we are trying to find the best possible way to take the competition process further so that finally the Jury could come up with the list of Golden Mask winners in the season 2018-2019.

For the same reasons the Russian Case programme scheduled for 2-7 April, 2020, has been cancelled. We look forward to seeing our RC guests next April and wish you and your close ones to stay in good health

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