PHILIP ARNOULT, Director of Center for International Theatre Development (C. I. T. D.), USA

Philip Arnoult is widely recognized, nationally and internationally, not only for his efforts to nurture and present new theater and dance from throughout the world, but also for his commitment to long-term, international projects that put artists together to take the first steps toward collaborative projects.

In April 2009 Philip is coming for his 10th Russian Case.

What happened as a result of RC: The Kama Ginkas and Dmitry Krymov introduction to the US, The Terrorism by the Presnyakovs production in New York… more

... During the Spring 09, CITD will be bringing its 10the delegation to Golden Mask. Our funder, The Trust for Mutual Understanding in New York recognizes the importance and usefulness of your offerings. … The long threads of relationships engendered and developed by Russian Case/Golden Mask continue to evolve. I think we will see projects and exchanges in the next ten years that will have grown out of your work these past ten years. more

BIRGIT BEUMERS, theatre critic, researcher,
University of Bristol, Department of Russian Studies, UK

In April 2009 she is coming for her 9th Russian Case.

What happened as a result of RC: a number of books and articles written and published including on popular culture, violence in new drama and theatre in Russia… more

The Russian Case has, for ten years now, offered a unique opportunity for foreigners to get acquainted with new developments in Russian theatre. ... Russian theatre is a field that is, in my view, under-studied; this is for the very reason that makes theatre so attractive for me: its ephemeral nature and the impossibility to capture fully a performance on a medium that would make it accessible for future generations (as can be done with other art forms, especially in the digital age). more

JASEN BOKO, theatre critic, artistic director of International Festival of Small-scale theatre, Rijeka, Croatia

In April 2009 he is coming for his 5th Russian Case.

What happened as a result of RC: a number of productions by Lev Dodin, Kama Ginkas, Pyotr Fomenko, Yana Tumina and others presented at festivals in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia more

...Russian Case programme has always been well-planned and offered different kinds of performances and a very wide view on a stage life in contemporary Russia. ... I was introduced to several important critics, producers, directors, managers and playwrights – and kept in touch with them - which kept my window into contemporary Russian stage wide open for new contacts and future co-operation. ... It is a perfect way to promote Russian theatre, and no wonder more and more countries are following the same example. more

CONSTANT MEIJERS, the chief-editor of TheaterMaker, the Dutch magazine for the performing arts, Netherlands

In April 2009 he is coming for his 10th Russian Case.

What happened as a result of RC: presentation of contemporary Russian theatre to the Dutch audience via publications in The Theater Maker, consultations to Dutch groups on the possibility of showing their work in Russia more

…For me, Russian theatre has a profound importance… Russian theatre is an integral part of the repertory theatre and the theatre schooling in the Western countries. This means that Russian theatre in its many aspects is an integral part of our theatre discourse, and since a discourse can only brought forward by participating, I appreciate to attend the Russian Case year after year. more

CRISTINA MODREANU, Artistic Director of the Romanian National Theatre Festival, Romania

In April 2009 she is coming for her 4th Russian Case.

What happened as a result of RC: Kama Ginkas’s and Lev Erenburg’s productions presented at the festival in Romania; modern Russian plays by the Presnyakovs, Kirill Serebrennikov and Evgeny Grishkovets translated and staged in Romanian theatres more

… At this moment, Romanian audience knows more about contemporary Russian theatre due to the excellent job that the Russian Case team do: Marina Davidova’s book was translated ino Romanian..., new Russian plays were translated and some of them are already staged…. This work inspired me to create the first Romanian Showcase in the frame of the Romanian National Theatre Festival. more

BATRIC ZARKOVIC, Managing Director of International Theatre Festival SLAVIJA, Serbia

In April 2009 he is coming for his 4th Russian Case.

What happened as a result of RC: good international links established via RC and PRO TEATR: productions from Russia presented in Serbia and vice versa; international experts invited to the jury of the SLAVIJA Festival more

… Continued communication with the people we met in previous years, new contacts made... Touching meetings with old friends at PRO TEATR, collecting useful material and information.... I would like to add that in addition to the Russian Case Program, PRO TEATR gives abundant opportunities for establishing contacts and cooperation with the Russian theatres and to follow their activities and progress in one place. more