based on Prosper Merimee


Moscow Art Theatre School
Choreographer - Alla Sigalova

This is a production by the choreographer Alla Sigalova with the students of the Moscow Art Theatre School. Sigalova can make even theatre actors speak body language. The story of Carmen, an extraordinary woman, a temptress and a victim, is performed as the story of an ordinary woman, a story of eternal rivalry. The performers tango even when they sit with nothing to do, even when Bizet’s music gives them the rhythm, even when a duet keeps on morphing into a trio and an embrace turns into a fight. A biblical motif, visible on stage, does not stand in the way of the astonishing contemporaneity of this Carmen. The main characters of Sigalova’s production are her students. Those young people whose blood is up, who are not afraid to be foolish and reckless, to fight and kill in order to achieve their goal. In the end the fictitious area of eternal passions turns into a disco. Carmen’s death is cancelled – otherwise none of the characters would live till maturity.