Context. Contemporary Foreign Performances

This is a new programme and also the Festival’s new approach to presenting productions from abroad. Being the Russian theatre festival and Russian theatre award, the Golden Mask is primarily focused on the trends and the state of domestic theatre. This is the core and the main text. However, it is obvious that Russian theatre cannot exist outside the global cultural context, isolated from the creative, substantive and exploratory quests of the artists across the world. We have every reason to believe that the interaction, influence, adaptations and confluences, the emergence of innovative, original ideas that have never been there before, make the theatrical life more complex, unpredictable and exciting. The global context nourishes and enriches, whilst at the same time being influenced by the Russian theatre. In the frame of the CONTEXT the Golden Mask festival intends to present foreign productions that give an insight to the language and reality of the theatre. We expect that the next edition of CONTEXT will be structured by the experts who have been invited to oversee the programme.