Театральная компания ЗМ


8 ноября 2016



Component parts of Golden Mask are also projects Children's Weekend and CONTEXT - current foreign productions. For example, the contemporary production of Tartuffe directed by Michael Thalheimer at Berlin's Schaubtihne theatre was staged with NET festival (Novyi evropeiski teatr - New European Theatre) in November 2014. The majority of foreign ensembles from advanced theatrical cultures come to Moscow on the invitation of organisers, following a selection by a committee of ex¬perts. The committee is composed of acclaimed Russian critics and theatre scientists. 37 The costs associated with the guest performances of the ensembles outside the Rus¬sian Federation which participate in the Golden Mask Festival are covered from the budgets under concrete cultural agreements, such as, for instance, from the budget for the Year of Italian or Polish culture.

In addition, Golden Mask runs a special programme, the so-called Russian Case. It is a selection of the most interesting productions from all over the Russian Federa-tion, with special focus on foreign participants from literally all over the world (typi¬cally, there would be around 70 foreign guests invited). The Russian organisers will directly approach picked theatre critics, festival directors, on the basis of reciprocity, translators from and to Russian, experts on Russian theatre. Morning panel discus¬sions on future tendencies, various theatre forms, the role of politics in theatre, the intervention of politics in theatre, the latest trends in individual national theatrical cultures are especially engaging.

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