Sasha Denisova

A graduate of the philological faculty of the Kiev University, a playwright, writer and theatre director, Sasha Denisova is currently the resident playwright at the Meyerhold Centre in Moscow.
Earlier was the associate artistic director at the Mayakovsky Theatre in Moscow where four of her plays remain in the repertoire, including MAYAKOVSKY GOES TO GET SOME SUGAR, NINEbyTEN, adaptation of Henrik Ibsen`s AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE and DECALOGUE ON SRETENKA.
Sasha Denisova is the author and director of A DUSTY DAY at the Playwright and Director Centre. She is also the author of the plays ALICE AND THE STATE (a Golden Mask nominee in 2014) and SFORZA at the Meyerhold Centre. In 2015 Sasha wrote and directed SHAVASANA at the Meyerhold Centre and JOB at the Moscow Art Theatre. Denisova has been involved in the documentary projects THAT`S IT (Kirov), VILLAGE.net (Barnaul), PLUS-MINUS TVENTY (Tashkent) and GOR’KO! (Prokopievsk). The four productions were presented in Moscow within the Golden Mask Festival project New Writing. She is a teacher of the master course headed by Viktor Ryzhakov at the Meyerhold Centre.
In 2012 the production of Teatr.doc LIGHT MY FIRE based on Sasha Denisova’s play was a Golden Mask winner in the nomination Innovation.