Roman Viktyuk

Born in Lviv, Ukraine, in 1936, into a family of teachers. Viktyuk always wanted to be a theatre director, and staged his first production when he was in school. After graduating the Russian Academy of Theatre Art (GITIS) as an actor, Viktyuk returned to Lviv and began to work at the local TYuZ. In early 1970s he joined the Russian Drama Theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania, as a theatre director where he staged Vampilov`s DUCK HUNTING and LAST SUMMER IN CHULIMSK; Schiller`s MARIA STUART; and Roshchin`s VALENTIN AND VALENTINA.
In 1975 Roman returned to Moscow and staged THE EVENING LIGHT and ROYAL HUNTING at the Mossoviet Theatre; A HUSBAND AND A WIFE ARE LOOKING FOR LONGING and THE ROSE TATTOO at the Moscow Art Theatre; MUSIC LESSONS at the Moscow University Students’ Theatre. MUSIC LESSONS became extremely popular in Moscow and attracted a lot of audience but was removed from the repertoire for being “ideologically dangerous”. Ten years later Viktyuk did the play twice - in Nizhny Novgorod and inVilnius.
In 1988, he staged Jean Genet`s THE MAIDS with men playing all female roles. The performance became the symbol of the Perestroika new theatre.
David Henrie Juan`s M. BUTTERFLY was staged in 1991 giving a start to Roman Viktyuk Theatre.
Roman Viktyuk has staged over 200 productions in many countries of the globe, including Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, USA, Italy, Greece, Israel, Yugoslavia, to name just a few.