Semen Aleksandrovskiy

Born in Perm in 1982. Graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Art in 2007 where he studied directing under Lev Dodin’s guidance. In 2006- 2007 was an actor at the Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe, St. Petersburg.
His productions include:
MY FRIEND HITLER by Yukio Mishima at the House of Jewish Culture in St. Petersburg; TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS based on Charles Bukowski and A BOY ON THE PHONE based on Boris Goller, Theatre Laboratory, Perm;
THE FIREBUGS by Max Frisch at the Altai Drama Theatre, Barnaul;
THE MOTHER by Mark Ravenhill within the frame of the Kansk Theatre Laboratory;
AN EVENING WITH A BABOON based on Mazim Kantor at the Komissarzhevskaya Drama Theatre, St. Petersburg;
COIFFEUSE by Sergei Medvedev at the Prokopievsk Drama Theatre;
A PIGGY AND A YOUNG CRUCIAN by Yury Klavdiev at the Kansk Drama Theatre;
IPOTEKA AND VERA, HER MOTHER by Yegor Cherlak, the TyuZ, Krasnoyarsk;
PRESENCE at the Taganka Theatre, Moscow;
IRONS by Anna Yablonskaya at the Chamber Theatre, Chelyabinsk;
ILLUSIONS by Ivan Vyrypaev at the Abakan Drama Theatre; SHOOT/GET/TREASURE/REPEAT by Mark Ravehill, the Post Theatre, St. Petersburg;
THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME by Mark Haddon in frame of the Moscow Art Theatre Laboratory;
ELEMENTARY PARTICLES by Vyacheslav Durnenkov at the Stary Dom Theatre, Novosibirsk.

In 2015, Semyon Aleksandrovsky, in collaboration with director Dmitry Volkostrelov, founded the Pop-up Theatre in St. Petersburg where he staged Yevgeny Kazachkov’s FUEL.


Драма / работа режиссера — «PRESENCE », Taganka Theatre, Moscow


Драма / работа режиссера — «None»,


Музыкальный театр / работа художника по свету — «None»,
Специальная Премия Жюри музыкального театра – Спектаклю Cantos Театра оперы и балета им. П.И. Чайковского, Пермь (Алексей Сюмак, Семен Александровский, Ксения Перетрухина, Леша Лобанов, Ксения Гамарис, хор musicAeterna и Теодор Курентзис) - «За художественную целостность и создание новаторской формы музыкального спектакля ансамблем авторов и исполнителей» — «», Лауреат
Опера / работа режиссера — «None»,