An intimate journey with dolls, a “live plan” and music conceived by directors Anton Kalipanov and Olga Shaidullina (who are also actors in the show) for children, but without pandering to them. The two performers use storytelling techniques to immerse the audience in the narrative. Their puppet-animation-illustrated story starts with a fictional character, little girl Katya’s wish to congratulate baby Jesus on his birthday. You have to go to Bethlehem if you want to see the baby in person. The religious subject prompts a small investigation which is very useful to be conducted from time to time both by children and adults.

Yegor Salnikov

How to find Vifley

Joint Project of Taratumb Production Group, Moscow and Moscow Philharmonia
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2018
Directors: Anton Kalipanov, Olga Shaidullina